Trip My School

A BitConnections IT Project

Trip My School

Coming soon...

This is the future home of the Trip My School App.

The Trip My School App will be a hosted solution that will allow schools to set-up trips including the itinerary, and emergency contacts while the users will be able to set-up and modify their personal profiles.

The app will work off-line while being able to update and push notices when connected to data/wifi. Changes in itinerary are reflected on all user’s calendars.

School Group Travel App

Available Now

This is the Open Source App (Educational Community License, Version 2.0 (ECL-2.0)). Feel free to download the code and instructions.

This App was awarded Runner-up in the INNOVAIT 2016 competition.

You may create your own app with the data unique to your trip. Additionally, you may modify the code and distribute it as your own in accordance with the Educational Community License.

To download your copy of the code, please provide your email so that we may inform you of updates to Trip My School or the School Group App.

There is a file called "School Group Travel App Instructions.docx" that contains instructions on setting it up.